Right From your POS

All the data reported by your restaurants’ POS systems from the previous day’s operations is automatically sent to your Eyenalyze account and converted into easy-to-read, meaningful reports and tools.

Accounting made easy

Eyenalyze creates daily sales entries which can be generated and exported into accounting software with ease. This saves time and provides useful data that can help lower your operating costs.


Invoices from vendor purchases are sent to our website automatically, eliminating the need for manual entry by operators. You just sign for the delivery and we'll do the rest.

Viewable on Any Device

Access any one of our powerful features via your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Oversee, edit, and analyze your data from anywhere – even your lounge chair on vacation.

Our Software

Eyenalyze incorporates all aspects of your back-office management software into a clean, user-friendly experience that is available on any device with an internet connection. Easily take a glance at your daily sales, food cost, labor, and bottom-line at near real-time.

Your POS sends us highly specific sales data that we then compile and report back to you in a meaningful format.

Monitor your deliveries, invoices, and food cost - while we do the math on how much you're spending on inventory.

Use our inventory utilities to organize your store, count your supply, plate cost your menu, and even predict your next order!

Manage your employees' shifts, rates, and salaries - putting you in control of the biggest drain on your bottom-line profits.

Waiting on a monthly profit analysis from your CPA is a thing of the past! Get daily profit statements through our platform.

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“We at Performance Food Service – Lester have partnered with Enalyze for our restaurant customers inventory and cost management software needs. Our customers are always very impressed with the quality of the data provided by Enalyze and the time the software frees up for them by not having to cost recipes, analyze data or perform regular physical inventories”.

“We at Performance Food Service – Lester are most impressed with the personalized service we receive from Enalyze both with our customers and our sales team”.

“It truly is a great value added tool”.

Ron Warner – Vice President of Sales Performance Food Service – Lester.

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How It Works

Data equals profit. Faster access to data can mean the difference between success and failure in the restaurant business. Eyenalyze delivers a meaningful and accurate daily picture of profitability - a paradigm shift in the way you manage your restaurant.

Your POS data gets analyzed and processed by our API before being reported, keeping vital information at your fingertips.

Eyenalyze servers evaluate your data nightly - keeping you in control with an accurate, up-to-date picture of your profitability.

Fully compatible with several major vendors: Ben E. Keith, Performance Food Group, US Foods, Sysco Corp, and more!

Access your dashboard at any time through web or mobile devices. You'll be caught up by the time you finish your coffee.

Eyenalyze is constantly working to expand their partner list to incorporate more compatible POS providers and vendors.

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Download The App

The Eyenalyze iOS app eliminates the need to access our services through a web-browser. Just about all the information provided through our site can be viewed directly from the mobile app. Our developers are working diligently to provide users with more options and features every day.

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